A global problem all companies involved in the construction, aggregate, and mining sectors face is proper tire and equipment disposal. VAST provides a complete recycling service for our customers no matter the size of the equipment or tires. Unlike most of our competitors, our process completely recycles the products at the end of its life cycle no matter the condition.


VAST recycles the large tires and equipment into commodities that are needed globally leaving behind nothing that needs to be landfilled now or in the future.

Our Process

VAST recycles the scrap tires into three separate commodities. Each scrap tire will provide fiber, carbon black, and metal which can all be reused across the globe.

Stockpile Clearing

Companies that are not currently on a tire recycling program build up stockpiles. Our company will collect the stockpile and set the customer up on a collection schedule that is consistent with their tire output

Collection of Tires

Most companies do not want to handle the shipping of the scrap tires to our location which slows down their production. VAST handles the collection and loading of the scrap tires from your site.